RE1 Rafter Center Locator


SKU: re1-300-070


Rooftop attachment just got a new friend!  Clamp the pair of magnet blocks to a rafter, read the field from the rooftop and you are ready to place a lag screw into rafter center.  No probing holes required.  Shortens and simplifies installation of rooftop equipment including standoffs for solar or other rooftop equipment, while also preventing leaks and avoiding structural or cosmetic damage.

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Weight 7.2 lbs
Dimensions 18.6 × 11.25 × 3.75 in

2 reviews for RE1 Rafter Center Locator


    Solar installation

    “Your product worked out well for us.  Glad you made it available to others.  Appreciate the thought that went into it.  Gave me comfort and well-being, knowing where the rafter was.  I will commonly put ‘blocking’ between rafters, and attach to the blocking, just to ensure that a rafter is not harmed. But sometimes blocking isn’t doable, especially in lower portions of the roof/attic.  I won’t do a project without your product.”  –TD, Illinois


    Roof addition over existing skip-sheathed structure

    “Your Rafter Eye tool worked out very well for me. Thanks for inventing it. Really!
    I was able to easily complete my main roof task, and now I’m looking forward to using the RE1 again for two other roof slopes.” –HW, Oklahoma

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