Rooftop attachment just became a lot easier!

Rooftop installation’s new friend — the RafterEye RE1 Rafter Center Locator — is here! This full-featured, rugged tool is available exclusively through RafterEye.com.

Flawed methods of rafter center location increase risk of attachment failure and roof leaks. At left, one lag screw missed the rafter entirely; the other blew out the side and split the wood. At right, caulk dabs indicate holes an installer drilled through the roof while seeking the rafter eventually found at extreme left.

Kiss ugly lag screw blowouts and probing hole scars goodbye!  RafterEye allows workers in the solar, electrical, HVAC, telecom and other industries to precisely locate the centers of exposed or accessible rafters from the rooftop.  Installers, company executives and property owners all appreciate quick, solid roof attachment with no roof strafing, no compounding measurement errors and a greatly reduced risk of damage and leaks.

“Clampster” is a former working name for the RafterEye RE1 Rafter Center Locator. It appears in some published materials and refers to the RE1 .