Restoring compass polarity

The compass included with the RE1 may become demagnetized or reverse its polarity as a result of exposure to strong magnetic fields.  When this happens, performing the following remagneti­zation procedure will return the compass to normal function.

How to know if remagnetization is needed

If the compass does not respond to magnetic fields, or if the white end of the needle, instead of the red end, is attracted to the earth’s north pole and to the space between the Magnet blocks when they are placed on the clamp, then the compass needs to be corrected by remagnetization. This need arises under conditions of normal use of the RE1.

How to remagnetize the compass (see also video below)

1. Lay the Compass block face up on the edge of a flat, stable surface.

2. Remove one of the magnet blocks from the clamp. Identify the location of the magnet (shiny metal) within the Magnet block. With the Magnet block’s large, flat side down, and the side with the “keyhole” opening up, starting from above, gradually bring the Magnet block down, with the magnet coming directly over the red end of the compass needle, until the Magnet block is in contact with the Compass block.

3. Pull the Magnet block over the side of the Compass block in the direction the red (north) needle points. As it nears the edge, twist it so that the same side that faced down now faces the red end of the needle from the side. Slide the Magnet block down the side of the compass block, then away.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 two or three times. Test remagnetization by returning the Magnet block to the clamp and holding the Compass block in a position that simulates normal operation.

Remagnetizing the compass

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